Delhi Metro’s decade-end tribute is winning hearts

Check out Delhi metro’s tweet on the end of the decade and people’s reaction to it:

As 2019 is coming to an end, the decade is also going to end. Throughout the decade we saw some important technological advancements that were beneficial for a common man. One such is the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation. Paying tribute to it the DMRC page shared a tweet that is winning hearts. Two pictures of the popular superhero series ‘Power Rangers’ were given comparing the beginning and end of the decade for the Delhi Metro.

Check out the tweet:

The two pictures posted depict a comparison. The pictures have three Power Rangers in the colors red, blue and yellow. The colors signify the three metro lines that were started primarily.

The second picture shows the inclusion of Power Rangers in six colors. During these ten years, the Delhi Metro has extended and created a huge network that helped passengers commute daily.

The post attracted 11,500 likes and 2,600 retweets. Netizens found the tweet creative and many congratulated Delhi Metro for the achievement.

Check out people’s reaction: