Desis react as China says Wuhan Lab deserves Nobel Prize 

People react as China says Wuhan Lab deserves Nobel Prize:

Corona Virus has changed our lives, as this deadly virus has impacted everything and everyone, with no country spared. There are many reports that blame China for this outbreak, shockingly,  the country has now demanded that its laboratory situated in Wuhan must be awarded the prestigious Nobel Prize for its contribution to the research of the coronavirus.

And we are like really?

At a press conference, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhau Lijian criticized people for assuming that the coronavirus originated in Wuhan because it was first found there and not created there. 

The genome sequence of COVID-19 was first identified by Chinese scientists, but that does not mean Wuhan is the source of the coronavirus, nor can it be inferred that the coronavirus was made by Chinese scientists. The team in Wuhan should be awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine for their research on COVID-19, instead of being criticized. – Zhau Lijian.

People were not able to control and responded to this:

What are your thoughts on this?