Election Result 2019: People begin meme fest on Twitter

Rahul Gandhi is the focus of memes as reports suggest he might lose in Amithi as well:

Finally, after a month-long voting process, today is the result time for 2019 Lok Sabha elections. And as it begins people are trying to guess the final result and there are plenty of reactions from people, experts, and candidates on social media. Everyone is sitting in front of the television or will keep their finger buzzing on social media throughout the day until the final result comes.

The results come ten days before the term of the current Lok Sabha expires. The time the question is whether Prime Minister Narendra Modi will get another term, or whether opposition leaders will be able to get an alliance to form the government. Exit polls have largely predicted that the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance will come to power.

The Congress President Rahul Gandhi is leading in Wayanad, he is straggling in Amethi and people are sharing memes and GIFs to express the situation.

Check out the memes below:

People explained Arvind Kejriwal’s situation as well:

when you have to go to office on election result day:

and people have already predicted the winner: