Hello Friends, Chai pi lo: Somvati Mahawar funny videos

Checkout how the “Chai Pilo Fraaands” aunty went viral:

Social media can make anyone a star (though at times for unnecessary reasons) and it seems to be proven right. Be it Dhinchak Pooja or Priya Varrier, there are many who went viral for irrelevant reasons! This time it’s the ‘Chai Pilo’ aunty who is viral for her videos. She in her video is simply asking ‘chai pilo fraands’ and is now famous on every platform from Facebook to Instagram and even in whatsapp groups. There are many memes on her and we couldn’t stop ourselves from laughing in tears. The lady in the video is Somvati Mahawar who has set the internet on fire and now has 28K followers on her popular account where she has posted more videos of her. Here we share some Chai and tarbooz khalo fraaands videos that will compel you to laugh madly:

Paranthe khalo frandss #chaipilofrandss #garamhai #somvati

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This is how people reacted on her videos:

She gives us a feel that if she can be viral after asking people to have ‘Chai’, anybody can be! Guys try your way out to be famous and trust us any hilarious amusing thing would work!