I&B Ministry takes charge of streaming platforms 

Check out how people reacted to streaming platforms and news websites coming under the ministry’s purview:

Recently, the Central Government announced that the digital media, including video content streaming and online news platforms, will come under the purview of the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Now, this might pave the way for greater censorship of content online prompting a range of reactions from people on Twitter.

As of now, there are no laws or rules regulating OTT platforms as it is a relatively new medium of entertainment. As the government decides to bring films and audio-visual programs made available by online content providers” as well as “news and current affairs content on online platforms”, the first challenge before the OTT platforms would be keeping a check on their content.

This further means that the OTT platforms would have to apply for certifications and approval of the content they wish to stream. 

People are not much surprised by the government’s move but they hope it wouldn’t be implemented strictly. Some supported the move, but many were unhappy. There were some memes and comments on this step on Twitter.

Check out how people reacted: