Indian government to allow 4 day work week but with 12-hour shift 

After Finland & NZ, India Considers 4-Day Work Week But With 12-Hour Work Days:

Earlier, New Zealand’s Prime Minister proposed a 4 day work week and as the news broke we thought when will this policy come to India. And we did not have to wait longer, because yes Indian government might soon allow companies to go ahead with a four-day workweek. However, this is not the whole story. 

The Union Ministry of Labour and Employment is working on new labour codes which will make way for a three-day weekend but will keep the working hours at 48 hours a week, which means employees might be subject to long days.

Our working-hours limit is 48-hours a week. Hence, employees who show up at the office 6 days a week have to work 8 hours a day. Similarly, those who have a 5-day work week, work for 9-10 hours a day.

With the new 4-day work week that’s being considered, the 48-hour policy remains the same. This further means that if we were to work 4 days a week, we’ll end up working for 12 hours per day.

Once the policy will be formulated and rolled out, the employer and employee both have to mutually agree. 

While longer working hours seems difficult, the policy also has come with brighter sides as well. A 4-day work week may prevent mass layoffs and salary cuts, thereby securing jobs. It also reduces the burden on employers as it reduces expenses like office rent and electricity bills. The employees will also get a three day weekend, which means they can have more time for leisure activities. 

According to sources, a World Economic Forum survey showed that the companies which had implemented the 4-day work week policy had a 2% increased turnover each year.

However, this news did not go well with some people. Many took to Twitter to express how a 12-hour workday could decrease productivity and increase stress.

Check out their reactions below: