Internet divided over viral jellyfish haircut trend 

Check out people’s reactions to viral jellyfish haircut trend: 

A new haircut called the  “jellyfish bob” is trending on social media. It was popularised on Tiktok, the haircut is a mix of mullet and a bowl cut, which looks like a jellyfish. While the outer layer of the hair is shaped into a short bob, the inner layer remains long. It is one of the most uniquely bold styles. Hollywood actor Nicole Kidman also recently donned the haircut for her latest magazine shoot. 

Check out the picture:

The jellyfish haircut is on track to be the most eye-catching hairstyle of 2022. According to Bustle magazine, #jellyfishhaircut has garnered over seven million views on Tiktok. 

Here are some reactions: 

On Twitter, one user wrote, “Do i love or hate the jellyfish haircut i genuinely cant tell im having a crisis and also there are scissors dangerously close.” Another said, “scrap the whole jellyfish cut, i realised it looked.. not nice .-. (long hair wise)”. “There’s literally no one think this haircut looks good on me in my town,” added third.

What is your take on this??