Is Shah Rukh Khan biased towards AbRam?

No doubt that Shah Rukh Khan is a loving dad. In an interview with a leading daily, when asked as to how was he bringing up AbRam differently from Aryan and Suhana, the actor replied that he was doing exactly the same things. He also bared the fact that his other two kids often tell him that he is a little extra sweet to AbRam. Though, he also has an answer for them.

He says that he then questions them as to how do they know that he wasn’t just as sweet to them when they were AbRam’s age. He further added that he was sweet with them too and he is not a strict father and that the only difference is that AbRam comes out more often with him as his other two kids were both introverted. Shah Rukh says that his son, Aryan, had car sickness and so he would come to the shooting only sometimes. About Suhana, he says that she would start crying when people would surround his car. He further adds that it was not so convenient those days; there were no good vanity vans and the studios were bad, and so they would avoid. Summing all up, SRK says, “AbRam comes out more often with me he is a friendly child and does not get scared of the crowd… he is not shy. Maybe once he grows older and realizes that I am an actor, he too may feel awkward like the other two.”

AAW…while this sibling revelry and SRK’s way of reassuring his kids warms our hearts, see the pictures of SRK, Aryan, Suhana and AbRam.