Kareena Kapoor Khan criticized for her take on COVID-19 situation

Fans criticise Kareena for sharing this Instagram post during the lockdown.

Kareena Kapoor Khan shared a post on Instagram expressing how it is beyond her why people can’t understand the gravity of the situation in India. The spike of COVID-19 cases in India forced the government to announce a lockdown and some people are still not taking things seriously.

While the actress’s post was factually apt and encouraged people to stay safe, it sparked outrage amongst her followers and they criticised her for being tone-deaf and negligent on her part as just a few days ago, cousin Ranbir Kapoor was in the Maldives with Alia Bhatt.

See her post here:

Some of the comments read “And same goes to celebs who were shamelessly going for exotic Vacays”

“Still only blaming the public? No spine”

“What about the actors who goes to events without even wearing it”

And many other comments pointing out the hypocrisy and questioning the efforts of celebrities in helping out during these times.

Meanwhile, Kareena also shared how she has been educating her son, Taimur about getting vaccinated and the importance of adults getting the vaccine to eradicate the pandemic. Here is the video:

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