LOL: Delivery address “Mandir ate hi phone laga lena”

Address on the delivery package says Mandir pe aake phone lagana, people say it is desi geo-tagging: 

India is a land of millions of thousands of lanes, which twist and turn into gallis. And it is not surprising to get lost in them even when we have navigation on in mobile phones. And this is the main reason we include nearby landmarks when ordering things online so that delivery agents find their way to our houses easily. 

Well, in such an incident, a Twitter user recently found a delivery label that included a unique instruction, “Mandir ke samne aate hi phone laaga lena mein aa jaunga.”


After this people also shared some similar desi addresses. Check them out below: 

Flipkart also took to Twitter to give their take on it, and it was hilarious. They posted the picture of the package with the caption, “Taking ‘Ghar Ek mandir hai’ to a whole new level! (sic).”

Check out people’s reaction to it:


Well, some people on the internet appreciated the practical aspects of the address and also wondered how drones would be useful in this situation in the future.