Manikarnika: Twitter goes Berserk over the use of dummy horse

Kangana Ranaut fought the British as Rani LaxmiBai on dummy horse, check out twitter reactions:

Kangana Ranaut’s biggest project Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi has now entered the 100 crore club. When the trailer was launched it caught meme creator’s attention and hilarious memes were made out of it. However, now after the release of movie, a funny video of Kangana riding a dummy horse while shooting one of the war scenes has landed on social media.

In the short clip, Kangana is seen dressed as her character Queen Laxmibai, and is riding on a horse under the shade of an umbrella that is carried by one of the crew members. Someone from the set shouts ‘Roll, British, Force’ the extras around her, dressed like the English army start galloping on horses from both sides as Ranaut shouts and fights them away with her sword.  But she is doing all this while riding a dummy and mechanical horse.

Check out the clip:

The video is now viral and people are trolling the film and the actress.

Check out the reactions: