‘Maths didn’t help Einstein discover gravity,’ Railway Minister says!

Twitter is filled with memes as Railway Minister says: “Maths didn’t help Einstein discover gravity” :

After Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman held youngsters responsible for the downfall of the auto sector. As per her, people are not buying cars because they are actively taking Uber and Ola everywhere.

Following the footsteps, Minister of Railways and Commerce Piyush Goyal said something that made us go crazy. In a Board of Trade meeting, he went off on a rant about GDP calculations made by experts. 

He made this statement while defending the government against the allegations of the economic slowdown. He was trying to answer the question of how projected GDP growth rates don’t seem to align with the $5 trillion-dollar economy mission. According to him,

He said: “Don’t get into the calculations that you see on television…don’t get into those maths. Maths have never helped Einstein discover gravity. If he had only gone through structured formulae and what was past knowledge, I don’t think there would have been any innovation in the world”. 

Twitter has some hilarious reactions to this: