Meet J&K’s first female bus driver

Pooja Devi becomes Jammu and Kashmir’s first female bus driver.

Women are making a mark everywhere around the world and it’s time to celebrate their achievement. Recently, Pooja Devi became the first female driver in Jammu and Kashmir after a few hiccups. She belongs to Sandhar-Basohli village, Kathua district, and is a mother to 3 children.

Before driving the bus, she used to drive cars and taxis and then moved on to driving trucks. She was not expecting that she will be able to drive a bus but to her surprise, Jammu-Kathua Bus Union was on her side.

Here is Pooja Devi in her element:

She shared that sometimes her youngest son accompanies her on the routes and people do stare when they see a female driver. She moves past the stares and judgment and continues to do her job.

“Women are flying fighter jets now. I wanted to break the taboo that only men can drive passenger buses.” Pooja Devi said in an interview.