Mira Rajput trolled for her anti-aging cream commercial

Check out how people trolled Mira for her acting debut:

Speculations about Mira Rajput’s acting career have been rife ever since the couple tied the knot. Finally, Mira has taken the first step into acting and made her debut in a TV commercial for an anti-aging cream advertisement. She took to Instagram to share her first ever TV commercial with the people.

She captioned the video: “Being a mother doesn’t mean you stop being yourself right? Here’s my #Reborn story… what’s yours?”

In the advertisement, Mira can be seen sharing how amazing it is to be a mother and how the birth of her daughter Misha brought Shahid and her closer. She also says: “I’ve always been a very hands-on mom, so you tend to forget yourself as a woman. The stress, the sleepless nights – my pregnancy glow just vanished.”

Shahid Kapoor couldn’t take his eyes off her wife in the advertisement and commented: “Who’s the stunner?”, but it looks like the audience did not like it much. The commercial ended up getting a lot of hatred and negative comments. She was trolled for endorsing an anti-aging cream at the age of 23.

Check out how people trolled her:

When Shahid was asked about Mira’s acting he said: Mira and I have been offered films together. Now, very often actually. Mira’s getting more popular (laughs). But no, obviously she didn’t take up any of them.”

Do you think the brand that got Mira endorsing an anti-ageing cream is at fault? But as a mommy I agree the glow kind of vanishes!