New Bang Bang poster shows Kat, Hrithik overloaded with bronzer

Hritik Kartina in Bang Bang
Hritik Kartina in Bang Bang

A new poster for Siddharth Anand’s Hrithik, Katrina starrer Bang Bang has been released online. But the image has either been Photoshopped a bit too much to ‘glow’ or the actors went overload on bronzer.

From Hrithik’s over the top highlighted cheast to Kartina’s shiny legs, this one sure is a disaster. In fact they look copper-ish in colour than just glowing. Both the stars are seen holding revolvers, we guess, to justify the title.

Kaif looks like she is trying hard, but we find the bronzer makes her look sun burnt with no expression. 

PS the Photoshop overload doesn’t stop at her cheeks helicopters are hanging in the background, Kat’s back, Hrithik’s chest and nose have all been polished a bit too much.

We suggest the team better subtle down the bronze-y effect before the shine overload kills us!