Now a scary locust attack looms over India!

People on the internet share chilling visuals from India’s worst locust attack in 26 years:

I think 2020 is going to be the worst year in history and we are going to remember it for all the bad reasons. That too only if we survive coronavirus pandemic, but also earthquakes, cyclones, and now locust attacks.  Desert locust move in large groups, called swarms and can eat crops up to their own weight every day. When millions of locusts descend on a crop, they destroy a lot of things.

Recently swarms of locusts were spotted in India, across the states of Rajasthan and MP. Looking at their massive destructive power, it is a great matter of concern for our farmers and food security.

Locust attacks entered into India in April, but some areas are seeing their worst attack in decades, including Jaipur and parts of MP.

Check out spine chilling videos:

What is a locust attack?

Locusts appear to be a common grasshopper. They have two big hind legs with which they can hop like grasshoppers. They normally live a solitary life, but in dry spells they come together in a huge mass, that destroys massive swathes of vegetation within days.

Swarms of desert locusts have been spreading through India from Rajasthan to Uttar Pradesh, destroying crops. Right now, 16 out of 33 Rajasthan districts are affected by locust swarms. The state’s Kharif crop is at risk.

Experts have notified that if the swarms are not controlled soon enough, they can destroy the standing Moong cereal crop worth around INR 8,000 crore.