People call out dishwasher ad for promoting gender inequality 

Dishwasher ad claims it is tested by real moms, Twitter says what about dads?

A few days ago, people lashed out at Scotch Brite for using the stereotypical logo on their product packaging. Their logo which was criticized for portraying that cleaning is a woman’s job is now being changed by the Head of the company. Now one particular ad for Voltas Beko dishwashers is also being called out for being sexist. 

Check out the ad:

Twitter finds the ad problematic because it focuses only on moms and doesn’t take into consideration the fact that dads or men can also use this product. The use of the term “real” mom is not helpful. Promoting the gender divide is really bad. 

Check out how people reacted to it: 

A spokesperson for the brand was quoted: “As a brand, Voltas Beko has always celebrated the spirit of womanhood in all our campaigns. Likewise in this advertisement, we captured a fun, casual conversation between four independent and spirited friends who got together over a video call during the lockdown. One of the characters in the video refers to how the family has been managing household chores, with her husband taking over the responsibility of washing dishes. This is when the protagonist of the film recommends a dishwasher. Our products have been developed to create convenience and comfort for all our customers, and are gender agnostic.”

What do you think about the advertisement?