People react to Salman Khan’s Eid song

Check out netizen’s reaction to Salman Khan’s Eid song and sanitizer launch:

It’s been years now that Eid is associated with the release of Salman Khan’s film. But as theaters are shut due to lockdown in most parts of the nation and the actor stuck at his farmhouse in Maharashtra, Khan announced two new releases: a grooming brand and a song.

He released a song titled “Bhai Bhai” that promotes communal harmony and a hand sanitizer from his grooming band called FRSH. And just like his films, the songs have inspired a lot of reactions on social media, but maybe not the ones the actor was looking forward to.

Check out the song below:

Many joked that the actor has truly become ‘atmanirbhar’ given the fact that he penned the song and sang it. Some also said that instead of a hand sanitizer the grooming brand should have released a car cleanser to match with the song.

Check out some reactions below:

Despite the backlash, the actor’s song has over 6 million views on YouTube in less than 2 hours and there are reports that there were bulk orders for sanitizer as well.