Priyanka Chopra gets a makeover from niece!

Priyanka Chopra posted a picture on Instagram after receiving a makeover from her niece.

Priyanka Chopra shared pictures on Instagram showing her new look after she received a makeover from Krishna Sky, her niece. She not only placed a tiara on Priyanka’s head but also went ahead and applied makeup on her face. 

The adorable photos were shared by Priyanka with the caption “First Monday in May This year’s theme: Pretty Pretty Princess Glam and creative direction by Krishi.”

People loved this adorable makeover and had the sweetest thins to say. See the comments under the picture here.

Source- India Today

Priyanka shares videos of her niece on Instagram frequently. A few days back, she also posted her picture lifting the little girl and captioned the video “No gym, no problem.”