Ramayan retelecasts on Doordarshan and inspired memes

Ramayan, Mahabharat, and Circus scheduled to retelecast on DD Bharati, here is how people reacted.

After the news of lockdown till 14th April 2020 came out, the Government announced that Ramayan will retelecast on Doordarshan from 28th March. People rejoiced on hearing that and the first episode aired on 28th March. 

The internet was flooded with memes inspired by hard-hitting nostalgia and other iconic shows like Mahabharat TV series Circus soon joined the list of shows for retelecast. 

Here are some memes that you will relate to if you are familiar with these iconic Doordarshan shows. 

Another show that was scheduled to retelecast on DD National was Circus, starring Shah Rukh Khan.

Telecast schedule of Mahabharat was also shared as DD Bharati tweeted “#Mahabharat from tomorrow on DD Bharati from tomorrow: Two Episodes a Day:12 PM Noon 7 PM Evening #Doordarshan”.