Same same but different, this viral trend is amazing!

Twitter is the place to be if you want to find some of the most hilarious trends and wish to get your own ball rolling. While bragging may not be considered the most attractive attribute, it becomes acceptable for us millennials when it is done with a hint of humor.

Recently, a trend that compares disparities went viral and goes by #WeAreNotTheSame. It involves a comparison of two situations, people or possessions in good humor. The tweets involve subtle diss to competitors and no surprise at all, people could relate to most of them.

Here are some of the most relatable and amusing ones that are floating all over the internet.



Brands took great advantage of this trending hashtag and used this opportunity to tickle the funny bone.


Wit clubbed with humor always manages to stand out and we are always looking for people to make our day better with their fun tweets!

which one did you find the best?