#SareeTwitter: Women post pics in favourite saree

Check out the pictures of women as they participate in #Sareetwitter:

#FaceAppchallenge isn’t the only one that has taken the internet by storm, there is one more. This new trend is called #SareeTwitter and it has been one of the top trends for this week. From netizens to politicians and celebrities everyone is joining this trend and number of tweets with the hashtag are increasing day by day. And we are loving the pictures.

We think it is a beautiful way to represent the beauty of the nine yards long traditional outfit.

Check out the pictures:


Recently, Priyanka Gandhi Vodra joined the bandwagon of #SareeTwiiter challenge and shared a pic of hers from the wedding day.

Ayushman Khurana also participates as he shares a funny picture:

Not only this, the Mumbai Police then celebrated the pride of their uniform.

And before we finish, some people added few memes to the humor of #SareeTwitter:

Have you posted your picture yet?