Scary! Amazon is selling a product to fake virginity

People can’t digest that Amazon is selling a product to fake virginity:

Some people in India have discovered the fact that Amazon is selling a product to fake virginity and the first reaction to it is “WTF”. But it is so surprising that there is a product that offers women to fake their virginity on the first night?

Why this idea seems to be so outrageous when we know how not being a virgin on the first night of marriage is a taboo not only in India but in many countries around the world. So the things are even though there is a population of above a billion in the country still sex or sex talks are a taboo.

Women in India are taught that her izzat is upheld by her vagina. That is because when a girl gets raped in India it is about her izzat, as it is all about her virginity. So, when a girl has sex before marriage she is tagged as unsanskari ladki.

People in India are so obsessed with the idea of virginity that some women have to go through virginity tests before marriage. And to some extent movies and serials have also portrayed the same.

The most common definition of a virgin is a person who has never had sex. Whether it is forced or consensual. We think the definition of virgin needs a revision.

Talking about the product Amazon is selling something that has created buzz over social media. I-Virgin- Blood for the First Night. The description of the product is as following:

  • The high-quality blood powder
  • Fake Blood for the First Night
  • No side effects. No needles.
  • Not toxic. No anesthesia.
  • No surgery! Easy, fast, safe & convenient.

You like it or not but products to fake virginity have existed in the market for a long time now. People have mixed reaction to, while most of them do not get the idea of faking virginity:


There are some other products also available:

Source Indiatimes
Source Indiatimes

The whole purpose of these products is to give the illusion that the woman is a virgin which is proven by something like blood on the sheets. Now people are angry because they feel why the hell do we need this in the first place, our society should be progressive enough to accept it and tell the world that it is not a big deal.

We think if a woman wants to or ends up getting married in a conservative family and there is a need to prove she is a virgin then these products are useful. But at first, the society needs to change this thinking.