finally removed “skin colour filter” removes it’s ‘Skin Colour Filter’ After 1600 People Sign Online Petition:

After the #Blacklivesmatter protests the fight against colourism is still going on in India. In February, the Health Ministry proposed a 5 years jail term and Rs 50 lakh fine for misleading advertisements that promote skin whitening. Netizens then started questioning celebrities who endorse fairness creams and signing online petitions to ban “Fair & Lovely“.

As per reports, Hetal Lakhani from Dallas, USA started another petition to take down the complexion filter on matrimonial sites.

She wrote: 

“ has a colour filter that asks users to indicate the colour of their skin using descriptors like ‘Fair’, ‘Wheatish’, and ‘Dark’ and allows users the ability to search for potential partners on the basis of their skin colour. We demand that must permanently remove its skin colour filter to prevent users from selectively searching for matches based on their preferred skin colour.”

As per BBC, it received over 1500 signatures within 14 hours after which the website took down the filter. They were quoted saying it “was not serving any purpose” and was a “product debris we missed removing”.

According to Insider, Johnson & Johnson has confirmed that they will be discontinuing their Neutrogena Fine Fairness line and Clean & Clear Clear Fairness line by saying,

“Conversations over the past few weeks highlighted that some product names or claims on our dark spot reducer products represent fairness or white as better than your own unique skin tone. This was never our intention – healthy skin is beautiful skin.”

It looks like these small fights are worth celebrating.