Sonam Kapoor trolled for answering a math puzzle

Check out why people are trolling Sonam Kapoor:

We love puzzles but when it involves math, a lot of people are bad at it, and this is a sad fact of life. Math is the universally hated subject and honestly, I agree with it because I was also bad at it. People on Twitter are trying to find out the answer to a simple puzzle. “How many triangles are in a picture”? This sounds easy, right? But many people are failing, including some of our Bollywood stars. Yes, even actors love puzzles and they are also stuck at it.

How many triangles can you count?

A lot of celebrities tried to take a shot at solving it, but most of them sadly failed.

Sonam quickly shared what she thought was the correct answer. But, Twitter’s mathematicians had already solved the puzzle. The star has answered 7, but that is not the real answer. Oops.

As soon as she answered the puzzle, the internet started targeting her:

Sonam took trolling as fun,