Tanushree Dutta raped me: Rakhi Sawant

Check out the videos of Rakhi Sawant claiming that she was raped by Tanushree Dutta:

We all are aware of the #MeToo movement going on in the country, it all started when Tanushree Dutta accused Nana Patekar of sexual harassment. The actress is seeking a legal action against the actor and Horn Ok Pleasss team, and she had also filed a defamation case worth INR 10 crore against Rakhi Sawant for accusing her of lying about harassment and being drugged on the sets.

A few days ago in a press conference, Rakhi Sawant claimed Tanushree took drugs at the time of filming of that song and is lying about the whole incident. After hearing this Tanushree Dutta got angry and slapped a defamation case on Rakhi Sawant.

But as we all know, Rakhi  knows how to be in headlines so on Wednesday, Rakhi Swant in a  press conference revealed some shocking claims about Tanushree Dutta. We think Tanushree is in a great trouble now.

Here is what Rakhi said at the press conference:

This is how she started: “Tanushree has slapped Rs 10 crore defamation case against me. I am very sad and wondering ‘why she has filed a case?’ Who started it first? Tanushree Dutta went to the news channels and talked about being insulted and replaced by Rakhi Sawant. They could have found someone classy. It means that I am from a lower class. Tanushree, who gave you the authority to call me a lower class?”

During the press conference, Rakhi claimed that Tanushree is a lesbian and that the actress has raped her. Shocking right? Rakhi said: You are playing media – media and controversy – controversy game. Now, I will make you will play court – court, and law – law game. I don’t know how to say this, i am very embarrassed to say this, but twelve years ago, I was raped. Being a girl, I shouldn’t use this word (rape). I am ashamed and upset while telling this story to everyone. But yes i was also tortured. I want to tell the world this disgusting incident has taken place with me not just once but several times.

Rakhi said that now she also wants a #SheToo to happen.

According to her, she was raped many times by Tanushree Dutta. She also said that Tanushree used to take drugs and forced Rakhi to do the same. She also added that Tanushree even took her to many rave parties.

She further added:  You have slapped me with Rs 10 crore defamation; I will revert with Rs 50 crore case. I don’t know whether your lawyer has told you this but one has to pay a certain amount before going ahead with the case. You pay Rs 10 lakh to the court, I will pay Rs 50 lakh in the court.

She also said: “What do you think that screaming in English means your story is true and people will believe you? They won’t. I will also say in court how you have used your fingers. Hands are given to eat food and not for anything else. I am ashamed to say about the things you have done to my private parts, touched me and left my body for nothing. Tanushree Dutta, you are a lesbian. I did not know you loved me so much. Your love is so true for me that you went bald for me?”

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