The relatable ‘seelan’ in Hrithik’s picture!

Hrithik posted a picture with his mom, but everyone is focused on the “seelan” on the wall:

Hrithik Roshan recently shared a picture with his mother and it is going viral for an unusual reason. What caught people’s eyes was seelan (seepage) on the wall and soon there were memes around it. It started when the actor posted a mirror selfie of him enjoying a “lazy breakfast date” with mother Pinky Roshan, saying it felt like a Sunday mid-week. “Now go give your mom a hug,” he tweeted. 

Here is the picture:

Well, at first glance it seems like a design on the wall. 

Here are some reactions:

But instead of appreciating the message of the post, some people highlighted the damp wall. However, Hrithik stole the show with his sense of humor.  He wrote “Aur seelan nahi hoga toh seelan ko theek karne ka mazaa kaise aayega bhai?