This director apologized to Kangana Ranaut

Ram Gopal Varma apologizes to Kangana Ranaut on Twitter.

Kangana Ranaut is well-known for her controversial stances and her views on certain matters have not always pleased everyone. Recently, the actress’s performance in Thalaiv’s trailer has impressed a well-known Bollywood director and Kangana found herself in his good graces.

Ram Gopal Varma shared a tweet in which he praised Kangana’s acting skills and mentioned that he might disagree with her sometimes but is in awe of her acting skills.

Kangana also responded and thanked him for the compliment.

Ram Gopal Varma responded again but people believe the director was being sarcastic this time when he said: “100% that no other actress in the world has ever had ur versatility”. Check out his tweets below and the reaction of people to this statement.

What do you think of Ram Gopal Varma’s reactions.