This groom works as the bride waits: Sparks memes fest 

Dulha Sits At Computer On Suhaag Raat While Bride Waits, Picture triggers meme Fest on the internet:

Being committed to your work is one thing, but some people take it to another level by doing it at their wedding as well. Previously,  a bride was seen supposedly working on a laptop at her shaadi’s venue while the groom stared at her with a confused expression. 

And now one more such instance has come to our notice, an Indian groom is sitting at a desktop computer while his newly-wed bride sits in the background waiting for him, looking visibly annoyed. As both of them are dressed in wedding attire, it seems to be their first night. 

Here is the picture:

And obviously, in no time there were memes all over social media, Check out the best ones below:

What do you think the groom would be doing?