UP Women’s Commission Member says cell phones cause rape

Meena Kumari’s statement garners about cell phones cause rape shock people.

It is not new to see women being blamed for crime against them and now, a member of State Women’s Commission UP has asked for girls to be not given cell phones as it can lead to rape. 

Meena Kumari appealed to parents and asked them to not give their daughters cellphones as they might talk to boys and run away with them. 

Source- Newsboy24

According to her statement, 5-7 cases related to women have “friendship” with boys as the cause behind the assault as they later run away with them. Vice-Chair Person of the commission came forward and condemned the statement. She said it is better to tell girls not to talk to strangers and educate them on how to use cell phones safely. 

There is a lot to be understood and limiting our thinking to this level will never help reduce crime rates against women. Here is what people had to say about it:

What do you think of Meena Kumari’s comments?