Vicky Kaushal’s Into The Wild With Bear Grylls is packed with josh 

Into The Wild with Bear Grylls & Vicky Kaushal, check out the video below: 

Vicky Kaushal recently shot  Into the Wild with Bear Grylls episode. India’s heartthrob, Vicky Kaushal heads out in the middle of the Indian ocean to learn to survive with the bare minimum and conquer his fears. His journey was not very easy, but with high josh, the URI actor begins his adventure with Bear.

You can see him swimming and rubbing mud all over his body, in this new episode. He is also seen learning while experiencing every bit of scary adventures in a secluded swamp of an island. What he gets as a bonus for taking on one fear at a time is a special message from his loved ones including his dad Sham Kaushal, filmmaker Karan Johar, and actress Kiara Advani. 


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As he receives each of the messages, Vicky opens up about his life and what he learned from his dad’s hustles as an action director. Bear and he even gets onto discussing his status of ‘most eligible bachelor’ tag, to which the URI actor is completely oblivious. Vicky also shares how he left engineering to pursue acting and shares a secret about predicting his own future in films six years ahead of time. 

In the episode we can also see him eating something raw, you better keep your stomach strong for this one. In the end, we finally get to see how Vicky bravely takes on his fear of deep seawater and comes out victorious in the end.