Viral video: Falguni Pathak singing for neighbors in lockdown

Falguni Pathak sings from her balcony for neighbors to entertain them in lockdown, watch her performance:

I am sure all of us remember how we used to play dandiya on Falguni Pathak’s beats. She is etched in every 90’s kid’s memory. Well, as we all are stuck inside our homes, we look for ways to get entertained. And when you have a neighbor who is a singer, life can get a little better. We are talking about none other than singing sensation Falguni Pathak who sang for neighbors with a live performance from her balcony.

A video has gone viral on Twitter that shows Pathak singing ‘Kahin Door Jab Din Dhal Jaaye’ from the film Anand.

The video has been shared by Twitter user Rosy. She captioned the post: “Falguni Pathak entertaining neighbors with melodious songs during the lockdown.” In the video, Pathak can be seen and heard singing the track on a microphone. There are no musical instruments to accompany her, still, the singer’s voice is so melodious.

Check out the video:

Isn’t it a great way to entertain her neighbors stuck indoors in lockdown:

People on the internet are praising her act of entertaining others, but some even pointed out how her voice is still the same: