WATCH: Ranveer asks everyone to use a condom!

Ranveer Singh sure knows how to remain unique, his first TV commercial has been launched. The actor has endorsed condom brand Durex. He has in fact gone a step further and rapped a whole song for it.

Ranveer who is seen rapping and dancing in the commercial, shows some really cool dance moves and saying – “Lovers all over the world…lets DO THE REX”.

In fact he is the first A-list Bollywood actor to endorse a condom brand and he doesn’t seem shy!
“Over the past three-and-a-half years that I’ve been a part of the industry, I’ve declined many tempting endorsement offers. And now, finally, I’m doing the commercial for world’s leading brand Durex. I will also create awareness around sexual wellbeing and promote safe sex through this campaign,” Ranveer said in a press statement.

“With the kind of problems we face in our country – HIV and STDs and unwanted pregnancies, I strongly feel that if there is one product that needs to be endorsed, it is condoms,” he said.

We feel it’s high time we st\op acting as if sex is a big issue, unsafe sex is a bigger one. Way to go Ranveer!

Check out the cool video: