Ways Coronavirus has changed education 

Check out how education has been changed in Coronavirus pandemic: 

Coronavirus has literally impacted every industry and the education system is no different. The modifications which we never though have now been implemented in the education sector. Recently, The University Grants Commission or UGC advised colleges and universities has advised assessing the graduating batch through an examination conducted online, offline, or a mix of both modes.

And this caused #StudentsLivesMatters to trend online. 

UGC’s revised guidelines are likely to have an impact on examination schedules across the country, especially in states such as Gujarat and Karnataka which were waiting for the regulator’s stand on the issue.

Earlier, in order to reduce the course burden of students during the COVID-19 crisis, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) decided to cut down the syllabus by up to 30 percent. The curriculum has been rationalized while retaining the core elements.

In Class 11, chapters on Peasants, Zamindars and the State, Understanding Partition and sections on ‘Revolt in The Countryside – The Bombay Deccan’ and ‘The Deccan Riots Commission’, which are based on farmers’ agitation against moneylenders, have been removed.

CBSE’s decision to remove some topics has gained criticism. 


Also, MBBS and BNB students have also asked to cancel their exams due to this pandemic. Whereas, Rajasthan government has also canceled exams for colleges and universities, the same is the case in Punjab. 

As far as schools are concerned there are orders that schools will be closed till 31st July. 

We might see some more changes in the education system during this pandemic.