Will Smith shakes a leg with Bollywood stars

Will Smith dances with Ranveer Singh on Bollywood songs:

Will Smith is on a mission to complete things mentioned on his bucket list for which he does a show as well. A major Hollywood and Bollywood crossover is taking the internet by storm as two famous stars Ranveer Singh and Will Smith are seen together in a video.

The 50-year-old actor recently landed in Mumbai for his show Bucket List and he received a warm welcome from Ranveer Singh who gave him information about the cinematic world of India and how to dance in Bollywood style.

The latest episode of Smith’s “Bucket List” showcases his experience in Bollywood. On the internet, she shared a teaser of the episode where he can be seen dancing to the tunes of “Radha Teri Chunari”.

In the show, Will Smith basically ticks off things mentioned on his bucket list. He had done some weird and funny things including sky diving, driving an F1 car and performing stand-up. Now he has completed his Bollywood experience also.

Check out the video:


Sharing a link of Smith’s “Bucket List” on Twitter, Karan wrote: “My friend Will Smith ticks off his ‘Bucket List’ in Bollywood! This is the most entertaining and heartening video you will see today! Will Smith is all heart and such a beautiful curious mind! Watch out for Ranveer Singh and team ‘SOTY 2‘.”

Though the whole episode of the show is filled with, beautiful and exciting details of Smith’s visit to India. Fans are mostly talking about the dance moves done by Will Smith with Bollywood stars.

After ticking off a significant item on his bucket list, the Aladdin actor says “I have always wanted to be in a Bollywood dance sequence,” as he gets on the stage to get featured in Student of the Year 2’s dance number on the invitation of Karan Johar.

He stated: “I got a really good sense of what Bollywood is all about… I was a whole lot harder than I thought it would be but it was a total bucket list moment. I have been in this business for over 30 years and this moment right here reconnected me back to why I do this!”