Nail colours every girl must have

Nail paints can be of varied hues. Enter a store and you will find varying shades of the rainbow for your talons. Here is a list of nail colours every girl must own. Add your favourites after you have this basic collection. These are base shades for every girl.

  • Classic redsClassic reds Red is a timeless classic colour. Red nail pant spells instant glamourous and never goe out of fashion. Dark skinned beauties pick a darker hue of red (towards maroons) to make your hands look fairer and brighter. Image:
  • Naturally neutralNaturally neutral A barely there shade helps look sophisticated in any situation. It is a great choice for daily wear. Image:
  • Glittery glamGlittery glam Glittery nail paints are long wear and chip resistant. They can last long. Image:
  • Pretty in pinkPretty in pink Pink is an effervescent and bubbly colour. It looks great especially on the feet. Pink is feminine, you can decide on the brightness levels.Image:
  • Out of the world pretty colourOut of the world pretty colour Pick any colour of your choice. From back to purple the choice is endless! Image:


Do you agree with our choices? Any nail paint you are particularly fond of? Leave a comment below or drop us a mail at [email protected]