Esha Gupta’s “Changed Look” will shock you

Check out Esha Gupta’s new look:

The Raaz 3 actress has always been the talk of the town on social media because of her sizzling pictures. Last year she amazed everyone with her hot and nude photo shoots but this time Esha is grabbing attention because of a completely different reason. Her latest pictures are creating a buzz over the internet as a clear difference in her facial features can be seen.

Before and After

Nobody knows whether the actress has gone under the knife or it is just a makeup technique for her new projects. But we can surely say that the change is quite noticeable. People believe that she has got a lip augmentation done.

Check out some of the latest pictures shared by the actress and look out the difference:

Last night for the #delhitimesfashionweek for @meenabazaar @vastyacouture

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Only for you nadi @nadia_ra7

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Only she has the answers to all the questions which are being raised on the internet.

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Esha is also being compared to Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie on social media.

Y’all enjoy the tide pods… @razabeig

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Cus she’s obsessed with me.. @nadia_ra7

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Her new pictures are making her fans wonder about her sudden plan of getting this change done.