Amazing life lessons that “Tamasha” taught us

Here are some great life lessons that we learned from “Tamasha”:

It’s been four years since the movie Tamasha hit the screens and as we knew life has also changed. We feel if the movie would have been released now it would be a super hit. The movie associated with what happens in Corsica, stays in Corsica, the mantra was super impactful. The film was not only a masterpiece but it also filled our lives with the inspiration of some pure life lessons.

Source scroll today
Source scroll today

We can connect to every move that Ved as we fell victim to India’s favorite pastime of producing another doctor, engineer or lawyer. We also got emotional at the hopelessness of his situation and felt a pain in our hearts as we relived our lives through the many years.

The movie just gave us the hope to follow our hearts and give things a try. ‘Just give it a try. Take that risk. Fuch society. So, here we are with the greatest life lessons that the movie taught us:

  • Don’t let others take your true identity

This is one of the best lessons that Tamasha taught us. Ved’s journey depicted that it is very easy to lose ourselves under society’s influence and demands but nothing is worth it. We should live up to our expectations.

  • Life is not a race

This is your life and you don’t have to prove anything to anyone. We live in a society that burdens us. But we must live under our own terms and conditions. Don’t force yourself to a lifestyle that you don’t belong to. Just don’t be robotic.

  • Solo traveling is the best

Traveling to new places helps us discover ourselves in different ways we never thought could be possible. Facing the unknown people and surviving in a new place and situation will help you understand who you are.

  • Go after your dreams

Just ask yourself are you happy with what you have? This one is the most beautiful life lesson that tamasha taught us: follow what you like instead of anyone forcing you. Chase your dreams.

  • Be yourself

This movie teaches us that there is nothing happier than embracing who you really are. Hiding away your identity will only waste your time, while work on becoming a better you instead.

Source Bollywood arena
Source Bollywood arena

Always remember it is never too late to start if you are not happy just work towards making things right. Try and implement these lessons in your life.