Can’t meet BFF? Ways to make her Birthday special 

Here are some ways to make your best friend’s birthday special in lockdown: 

We all plan birthdays in advance and since the nation is in lockdown, we all are looking out for ways to make birthdays special. We wait for our Bff’s birthday every year, but this year meeting them is quite difficult for some people. While there are many restrictions, you can still make this day memorable for your best friend. From sending your friend a delivery of champagne to hosting a party via video chat, there are many ways. Check out some ways to make your best friend’s birthday special in lockdown: 

  • Video montage 

One of the best ways to improve a traditional birthday wish is to make it interactive. Make a video montage of yourself for your bestie. Ask family and friends to record their birthday wishes and put them together. This will be a really good gift for them. 

  • Zoom birthday party 

You guys cannot meet doesn’t mean that you can’t have a party. Log into zoom and have a virtual party with your friends. Tell everyone to sing happy birthday when they log in. 

  • Deliver some booze 

Parties mean drinks, get some champagne and other drinks delivered to your Bff’s doorstep. Drinks can be enjoyed on a video call while chit-chatting. 

  • Send a cake 

Birthdays are incomplete without cakes, choose a local bakery that serves delicious desserts. Your BFF will feel loved by this gesture. 

  • Netflix party 

Host a movie night together on Netflix’s party. Grab some popcorn and watch a fantastic movie together. Netflix parties are awesome for hanging out virtually. 

  • Get a gift delivered

We all know what our best friend loves, so order a special gift for your friend. You can order makeup, clothes, bags, watch or perfume, etc. 

  • Video call to the rescue 

Have a group video call where you can sing and dance and enjoy together. Cake cutting can also be done through a video call