10 things you must do in your twenties

Why your twenties deserve these goals!

Happy woman
Happy woman

While your teens are about the firsts in your life, twenties spell fun bordering on madness along with shaping your life. Remember getting drunk, embarrassing yourself and also some serious milestones like your first pay check, graduating and for many of us moving out of home? Your teens will surely be one of those wonderful moments that you will cherish in the later part of your life. But things change from your 20’s and now you will be socially expected to be more matured and whatever seemed to you as fun will take a turn.

Here are 10 things every woman in her twenties must do:

1. Move out: You’ve always grown up in that one town/city. You know the people around and all the streets and markets. It is your ‘hometown’ in ways more than one. Well, move out of your nest and explore the outside world a new city, district or country which will enrich your life and living style.
Think of a place that you have always dreamt of living in. Shift there, meet strangers, get lost, make new paths, face challenges, love and laugh. Rent or buy a cramped 1BHK apartment with an old television set and a small bathroom.
Have your own home away from home.

2. Fall for someone who doesn’t care: Yes, you read that right! Have you gone through the times when you have always got the guy you liked? If yes, you need to experience this once. Leave your teenage crushes and boyfriends aside, dating in your 20’s is not the same. It is a different experience all together when you fall head over heels for someone who does not love you back and treats you like are no one. This will help you appreciate yourself and the guy you will fall for later!

Couple compatibility
Let go

3. Let go of someone you’ve been holding onto: All of us have a past and now we are in the present. So let us leave our ex’s behind and explore new options. Till the time you don’t let go off your past you can’t enjoy your present. If it hasn’t happened yet it would not happen at all. So open your eyes to new opportunities and you will be amazed to see what’s in store for you!

4. Find a roommate you love: There is nothing better than finding someone who you can relate to. One does not find good roommates just happen to you. It is awesome how you meet each other and end up becoming best friends for forever! You become shopping friends, chatting friends, occasionally boozing friends etc. It may take time, or it may happen instantly, but it is one of those relationships that will last a lifetime.

5. Find a roommate you hate: There is nothing worse than living with someone you just can’t stand. You’ll find yourself spending a lot of time at cribbing and making faces at whatever she does or says. You and your girlies might sit up late night chatting and bitching about her and not making her a part of any conversations. This sounds “mean girls” type but trust me it is fun! Whatever the reason, there are so many lessons to learn in having a bad roommate, that it is an experience everyone should have.

6. Eat and Exercise well: As long as you are young, eat whatever you want to. Do not starve yourself your that zero figure. Anyways in the later age you will have your do’s and don’ts in the menu. So eat what you like and burn out all the calories. You are in your prime time. This is the time to dress well and look good. And who does not desire a good figure to flaunt all your flattering dress. So hit the gym, workout like you are going to meet some new hottie in town.
Also get adventurous with your food and experiment with new cuisines.

7. Royally annoy your parents: You are in a different generation than that of your parents. As they say, you will experience a “generation gap”. Do not intentionally hurt your parents. But be bold enough to state your likes and choices. Act as responsible adult and show your parents that you are no more a teen and can understand your own good and bad. Make and stand by your own choices even if they do not match with your parent’s choices.

8. Make some life changing mistakes: You are in your 20’s and this is the time to make mistakes and learn from them. Screw up completely. Some mistakes can be life changing and can get a whole new twist in your life.

One night stand

9. Have one night you’ll never forget and that you can’t remember: Let’s be honest and face it, this is the time when you want to experiment with all the things in the world. Buy that vodka bottle and have a girlie boozing day. Go wild, dance on your favourite songs, cry for ex bf, express your love to your crush, embarrass yourself and then next morning you remember nothing!

10. Realize that your twenties won’t last forever: Take this very seriously. You know how the time flies, before you will realize you will be in your 30’s. And then it will be too late to do what you could have done in your 20’s. You cannot sit and regret so instead stop thinking and go for it. You might face failures but at least you had the guts to try. And after all, failures are always a stepping stone to success

Remember your 20’s define your 30’s like how your present defines the future. Make mistakes but learn from them and do not repeat them. These years are the prime time of your life and the decisions taken now will determine the rest of your life.  Be wise, be passionate and chase after your dreams. It’s the high time of your life to make it or break it!