8 Non-girly things men actually love

Check out the ‘non girly’ things men love:

In our society a woman who is soft spoken, does not speak much and stays quiet is ‘apparently’ considered to be the perfect one by most of the people. But, as things have improved, so has the mentality.  There are many things that you might think your partner would not like but he actually loves:

1. Taking initiative

Generally a boy always comes and takes the initiative to talk to a girl. But, at times when a girl does this boys really like it because it is something unique for them and they feel out of the world. It rarely happens when a woman take a step ahead to approach a man. Just like you men also love attention.

2. Getting “Bhand”

This is something that nowadays boys really like. Dating a girl who has the capacity to drink equal to guys is not bad. They like chilling with them and feel comfortable as they both give company to each other and go crazy together! Though many girls prefer wine but some going for beer and whiskeys are the ones that are specially liked by them.

3. Laughing out loud

It is always said that girls should be soft spoken and should keep hands on their mouth while laughing. But, men really like women who laugh out whole-heartedly and without thinking about anyone around.

4. Foodie

Many of us feel shy in eating a lot in front of our guy but, we should just not worry about it. If food makes you happy then your partner would never have any problem with it. They like it when you enjoy your food without getting conscious. Have a full stuffed cheese bust pizza with him and see his reaction.

5. Messy Hair

We generally think that men like long hair that are properly tied or are opened. But, they actually have no problem with any hairstyle that you carry. They even love the messy look that you keep because simplicity attracts them rather than the things that we put efforts in looking more beautiful.

6. Bold Attitude

In today’s World women who have strong opinions and have guts to keep them up is the one who is appreciated by men. They get attracted to women who can challenge them and grow with them, no one likes a girl who is dumb and can’t keep her views.

7. Cracking Double meaning jokes

Earlier people had a mentality that women should be reserved and cannot crack dirty jokes as only a man can do this. But, things are different now boys are more fond of girls who are funny, cheerful and openly crack jokes.

8. Straightforward

Boys like girls who express their feelings honestly without beating around the bush. They like when women say things the way it is and do not waste time in dragging it a lot.
So there is nothing bad in having such kind of a non girly nature.