Hilarious thoughts we get when we see our Ex

Funny things almost everyone thinks when they see their Ex:

No matter how it happens or for whatsoever reason, breakups are always heartbreaking and need time to move on. Though almost everyone promises themselves to never see the face of their Ex again but the reality is quite different. The World is round and you never know when they come on your way or cross you. So, here we have listed down some funny thoughts that almost everyone gets in such situations:

1- Oh My God, he has transformed himself so much. I wish I could go back to him.

2- Shit! I just want to go and slap him right now for what he did to me.

3- He is still the same kind of a wannabe guy, always seeking attention.

4- I can’t believe that he was the one I was dating.

5- Why can’t I just go, kiss him and come back

6- No matter what, he was always good on the bed.

7- I think he has some misconceptions about his looks. Should I go and correct him?

8- Who is this girl with him? Is she her sister or girlfriend? Let’s stalk his social media posts.

9- Just want to go and humiliate him in front of everyone. I hate him so much.

10- Why am I feeling jealous, no matter with whom he is going on. Do I still have feelings for him?