How to make your partner fall in love with you

Make him fall in love/freedigitalphotos
Make him fall in love/freedigitalphotos

Love is a beautiful feeling and everyone wants a life partner but sometimes, it can be tricky to find – and get! So, here are tips on how to make your love fall in love with you!

Don’t fake: Don’t try to fake to get a guy to fall in love with you, because he won’t really be in love with the real you so just be yourself.

Listen: Let your partner talk and rule the conversation as everyone loves to talk about themselves, and if the other is quietly listening they get impressed.

Be positive: No one wants to date a pessimist so be positive and think about the brighter side of life.

Flirt: Who doesn’t like attention?  Shower your partner with attention and give them a VIP treatment. Throw your head back and laugh, grin a lot, and look up .Even these old tricks might seem tried and true, they’re tried and true because they actually work!

Witty: Everyone has a bit of charisma to them and a witty side, why not show that?

Physical contact: Physical contact plays an important role in a relationship but make sure you don’t cross your boundaries. Keep your hands on their shoulder, touch hands while talking etc are few ways of physical contact.

Give space: Don’t try to rule their life and give them some personal space and freedom. Let them know that you value their life , friends , hobbies  etc.

Don’t act desperate: Be confident and someone that is secure in themselves. Even if you aren’t confident, don’t worry, there are tons of ways to build it. No wants a partner who is desperate for him or her.

Be a mystery: Don’t be an open book to him.  Just create some mystery about you sio that he or she keeps coming back to solve. Give your partner  little clues, but don’t let him find the treasure right away.