Perks of having a male best friend

Reasons why every girl must have a guy best friend :

Friendship is a beautiful relation as life without them seems incomplete.We love our girlfriends too but having a guy best buddy has some extra perks. Don’t believe us ? Well then read on to know why every girl must have a guy best friend

No Jealousy Factor

Girls generally have a very common problem of getting jealous and they have a habit of dragging things. But, when you have a guy best friend there are hardly any chances of things getting worse because boys do not keep grudges for a long time. They are protective for their friends and put in all efforts to make them smile.

Guy friends are honest

A guy best friend will be honest to you and say things on your face; he would never lie to you for small things.  They can never fake around or say things that they do not mean.

Keep Secrets forever

With a guy friend you can share your secrets without getting worried about if he will disclose it or not. They do not have a bitchy behavior so, even if you have a fight with him or if you are not in talking terms your secrets will remain safe with him forever.

Never let you go on a wrong path

A man understands the other man and can easily make out about his intentions so he can guide you if you are not with a right person or if someone is not loyal to you. He will make sure that you date a good guy and have a best boyfriend who will always love you.

They are not Judgmental

He will always stay by your side in your worst and best time no matter how bad you look or what you have done. He will support you like partners in crime and will never judge you for anything.

You are always safe

With girls you cannot go at any place on any time but when you have a boy in a group you can chill anywhere.

Make random plans with them

Boys do not take an hour to get ready or take time to think a lot and decide whether they want to go or not. You can always make sudden plans with them and just call them and say I am coming to take you and they will get ready before you reach.

Share your problems

Though men may not look soft from outside but they are kind from within. You can always go and cry in front of them and share what you want to. They will sit with you to listen to your problems and will try to console you by giving you a hug or by ending the conversation with a silly joke.

Hope now you are convinced on having a male best friend!