Relationship: Make your crush fall in love with you

Best tips to get noticed by your crush!

We all have that phase of infatuation and that one crush that we are trying to impress! Are you trying way too hard? Is there a way he can just notice how much you like him and ask you out? As much as these seem like scenes from a Bollywood movie, this happens pretty much in real life too. So we at AAW decided to play agony aunt and help answer all these questions.

Well just investing into materialistic things might not lead you anywhere. Here is a list of 10 things that will have him love or at least like you. Let’s jump right into it then.


  1. Stick out:

You should never follow the crowd. It is important to have your own beliefs and values. Stand out for what you believe in and your own individuality this is what sets you apart from being clones to any popular girl in college.

  1. Don’t act dumb:

This is no longer the eighties and guys don’t like girls who try and act dumb in front of them. Women have conquered the world, the universe even and here you are acting like you don’t know how to fix a bulb? We are not saying you have to be super intelligent, but you should have common sense or at least be aware of what’s going around.

  1. Be positive:

You might be very pretty and sexy, but with a bad attitude, the guy will never notice you.  Try and be happy and positive. This will immediately attract him to you.

  1. Have confidence:

We are not saying we over confident, but have no personality will also drive him away.  Show confidence in yourself so that even he can do the same.

  1. Don’t carry a lot of baggage:

A girl or a boy, no one like drama. So if you want to get noticed by your crush, then just say bye to all the extra drama in your life.

  1. Listen well:
    It’s not only girls who like a good listener, but even guys love to sometimes just tell them about themselves. Give him a chance to talk and open up. Be a good listener.

  1. Be worthy of his trust:

Make him realize that his secrets are safe with you and he can rely on you for anything. This is a good quality that every guy looks for. If you want him in your life, then there are things only the two of you should share. Most women have a problem of burbling it out to their bestie only to realize that some things need to be kept exclusive.

  1. Keep smiling:

Ok so we know it’s a clichéd tip, but always works. Don’t just keep on smiling without a reason, but laugh on his jokes and have a happy attitude. This will give him positive vibes about you.

  1. Talk about your passion:

Now a days it’s not only guys who like to talk about their passion and hobbies, but also like to hear the same from a girl. Talk to him about what you like to do over the weekend and tell him stories that might interest him.

  1. Don’t be a pile on:

You should not be clingy or too possessive for him. You would want the same for yourself as well. So don’t be clingy to him and give him and yourself the space that is necessary in a relationship.

We hope these tips help you to get the attention of the guy you are crushing on for weeks. If these tips work for you then do share your story with us.