Signs your partner isn’t ‘independent’ enough

Checkout the signs that shows your partner is not independent enough:

In a relationship, there are many small things which make it stronger. There are many signs too that show that your partner is not ‘independent’ enough for leading your whole life together. Constantly leaning on the other one for works and expecting to drop off everything to tackle their issues, with being selfish etc is a sign that they are not independent. Here we have the signs that portray that your partner isn’t independent enough.

Turns to parent’s help too often

This can be considered dependent for sure. If your partner turns to her/his parents too often for money, car, to pay credit card bills or anything else, they may not be independent enough for you. It’s a different thing to be close to parents and it’s totally another one to turn to them for every next reason.  Instead of exercising independent decision calling out for them every next time shows their dependency.

Can’t manage stress


If your partner cannot manage stress at work or ups and down in a relationship with being in distress for longer and falls part easily, it’s a sign that there no in-dependency. Although stress can make people weak and humans generally want support at that time, being too much in distress and not getting out of it early with being unable to manage things is not good.

Habit of creating unnecessary drama

You may be with someone who is not that independent enough if the partner creates unnecessary drama to get help.  A person who takes up a normal issue too seriously with creating too much hype for a simple thing is not the correct one to be with.

Can’t take decisions

It’s one thing to talk and decide to take decisions but everytime being dependent on others advise is not correct. This way they fear making decisions of their own life and are not independent. People who can’t take decisions want other’s advice and even then they are not sure about it, which becomes very irritating afterwards.

Do not deal with things in the right way

Deal with things

Some subtle signs portray if you are with the right person or not. A person’s behavior always speaks how she/he is and describes if they are compatible or not. It cannot always be correct but if one does not deals with things easily, get angry and irritated too often and does not know to handle things swiftly, being in a relationship with them won’t last long.