Things I want my best friend to know

Best friends/pixabay
Best friends/pixabay

Best friends are single soul dwelling in two bodies and luckily I have found mine.She is the one with whom I can talk about anything and everything  and one who understands me the most  Though we don’t meet  everyday but there are few things I want my best friend to know.

    • You can come at my place anytime and even just to poop too.
    • You  need not to get embarrassed after farting.
    • I will never spill your secrets about anything in front of anyone.
    • You can call and message me anytime and I will always reply to them.
    • You can discuss anything and everything with me.
    • I’d rather take a vacation with you than my own family or husband.
    • I will never support you for wrong but will always stand by your side and all your battles, enemies and boycotts would be mine too.


  • You can smoke , booze , get talli or even puke when with me.
  • Just give me “The Signal,” and I’ll find a way to get you out of talking to “That annoying Person” at the part.
  • You will know all my secrets including ex, weight , fantasies and more even the things that I won’t share with my husband.
  • I cherish our “No Judgment” policy even when we are trying makeup at stores just for fun.
  • I will always give you my last piece of momo(because you know thats our favourite).
  • I don’t mind sharing my food, drink and cigarette with you.
  • You love me so much that you know what makes me feel better.

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