Ways to maintain a healthy live-in relationship

Make your live-in relationship perfect!

Relationship is all about ups and downs; it’s not easy to maintain a healthy connection especially when you both stay together. It needs a lot of mutual understanding and support that leads to a happy bond. No doubt, having problems in a relationship makes things disturbing but here is how to work that live in relationship.

Adjust accordingly

Staying in a live in relationship needs a lot of tuning and understanding. It takes time to get used to new changes but, be calm and try to adjust with them. These adjustments are always vice versa in a relationship, you and your partner both have to accept each other’s flaws as nobody is perfect.

Think as We

When you stay in a live in relationship, you have to think about you and your partner. Don’t be selfish and do things for yourself only, value your relation and give importance to your partner too. If you are planning to cook, ask him also does he want it or not. You can also cook things that you both like.

 Eat together

If you both are working and do not get time for each other whole day then, you must eat together at night. This way you both will not have differences and will feel good that everyday at least you have time to talk to each other.

Don’t fight on small things

This is the most common problem that almost every couple has. If your partner is short tempered or react too much try to make her calm down by talking to her politely. Do not argue on small things and if one person is shouting the other one should keep quiet. Let the argument slow down then, complete your conversation.

Give space

Staying in a live-in relationship does not mean always sticking with each other. Giving space is really important, hang out with your friends and go for some girl time too. Sometimes there are things that we only want to share with our friends so, some friends and family time is much needed.

Balance between personal and professional life

Although it’s good to share everything with your partner, but you should try to keep a balance between your personal and professional life. After a hectic day it’s important for you to talk about each other instead about others or your work life. Talking about only one thing makes it irritating for your partner and it creates a distance in your relationship.

Divide Responsibilities

Staying together does not mean that you get dependent on your partner. Make sure that you both help each other and equally divide your responsibilities so that no one has more pressure. If you cook and look after the house maintenance, your partner can iron clothes, pay the bills etc.