Funny thoughts we get after watching Crime Patrol

Things you do after watching Crime Patrol:

Are you a Crime Patrol fan? No doubt they are full of thrill and suspense but along with that it also results in floods of negative and hilarious thoughts. All of a sudden you become Sherlock Homes and look for an angle in every conversation.

Not only this, you can create a crime scene in every situation you see around. So, let’s check out some of the most common things people who watch Crime Patrol do. You will surely laugh and understand how creepy you get while doing such stuff.

1- No matter what conversation is going on you always think like a detective and start finding suspects in it.

2- You doubt on everyone who works around you.

3-  Start cooking useless stories in your mind without any clue.

4- You don’t ask anyone to get a drink for you in parties or go and get it yourself.

5- Keep on calling your best friend when you get to know that she has gone out on a random date because you think she is not safe.

6- Feel unsafe in the cab and think that the driver is not right.

7- When your boyfriend’s phone gets switched off, the first thing that comes in your mind is he might me with some other girl.

8- Every door bell gives you a mini heart attack, especially in midnight.

9- Your neighbors become the first suspect in your mind.

10- You think that you are the smartest when it comes to solving any crime.