Have a non-expressive sibling? Here’s how to make them happy!

Here are some ways to connect with your non-expressive sibling.

The relationship with our brothers and sisters changes at different stages. While that happens naturally, sometimes we rely on our siblings to come and have a heart to heart but what about the ones who rarely express themselves? 

Source- The Independent

They may love you to bits but would rarely say this to your face. It may be hard to connect with them but definitely not impossible. Here are some ways to please siblings who rarely show their emotional side and how you can connect with them. 

Respect their boundaries 

Connecting with them doesn’t mean you have to change anything about them. Take some time out to understand how they like being approached. Don’t push them for a conversation or a bonding activity if that makes them uncomfortable. 

Understand their non-verbal cues 

if your sibling is not good with words, they surely will have another way to express their love. Whether it is always asking you what you want from the grocery store or taking your side in an argument, their affection will clearly be visible in their actions. 

Ask them what they like

The best way to make them happy is by asking questions directly. If you want to gift them something, ask them what they’d like. This will help avoid any disappointment. 

Be willing to accept differences 

Your sibling may not communicate the same way as you. To have a healthy relationship, accept that they are different and might not show up in the same way as you would. This does not make them unreliable, just different.  

Here are some ways to connect with your non-expressive siblings. These changes may be tiny but they will definitely appreciate this gesture